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You have official made me laugh my ass off...When Golum started his potatoe thing I though i was gonna cry it was so funny. But...the graphics werent what they needed to be...

Pretty good...

Im not into sticks either...but the intro when you changed the screen to a sketch was great.

Pretty good...

I tend not to like stick cartoons...but this was a little different. Your style was great, the way the sticks made lifelike movements...pretty cool...

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Try another flash like this with more choices, or maybe be able to injur different kinds of animals. Otherwise great job!

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This wasnt all that bad.

Its not that the music was bad, cause it was made well. It was the fact that this sounded like most other techno songs, the riffs were slightly different, different notes, but the style was the same. But this was pretty good, congrats dude on this tune.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

dude i really think i kept my style on this one, this sounds borderline mainstream to me, not mainstream. I mean for real this was one of my best produced and most complex songs. Noone seems to care when B0UNC3 submits his stuff that IS mainstream lol, is it because you expected my normal style and this was different? because i dont understand the lowered vote on it. thanks for the 10 on effort, cuz there was alot of effort put in this (even though it was done in 1 day)

Not bad.

The riffs sound a bit repetative, but if your singing while playing there isnt a way to get around that. Otherewise the guitar is ok. On the other hand, you know you need to improve on the singing, so I wont reiterate that, but if you work on iy your bound to get better.

Sounds great.

This is another great peice, besides one vocal problem. Im not sure what you are doing with the voices, if there are two or one altered, but at some points they dont blend harmonically. I dont know if you wanted it this way, but there are some pitch changes in words that I noticed. this doesnt change it dramatically, so it sounds good still.

Denvish responds:

This was the second recording I made of this song, and I actually prefer the first version I recorded. I think there are actually three or four vocal layers, so I probably goofed up somewhere along the way

Hey...review my music will ya?

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