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As you know I pick up the background noise well and know that I happen to hate it...so always try to reduce that. But that faux bass line was cool..not quite a bass line...but represents one.

very nice...

Its nice, steady, and clear...but I wanted some change...maybe some lyrics.

Dementhysis responds:

And you'll get some change, as soon as I decide to change my style.


You can really tone down the hit hat tough...and a melody again!


This was not bad...but lacked in a melody. Go to the Audio Joint forum in the NG BBS and ask for tips there...I personally can give you tips and there are other well established audio artists that can help.

Pavo-Miskic responds:

Ya i know, I use the demo of Reason to make my songs so i have to make them all in 20min or the program will shutdown & i'll never be able to release a song. Still thanks alot man ^_^

needs help

Post a link to your music in the Audio Joint, a forum in the NG BBS. There they will give help and you should get more downloads on your music. This certain peice needes to be expanded, its just a simple beat. Make longer songs with an interesting name and ppl will like it better.

...kick ass!

Dude I would be honored if you joined us in the Audio Joint forum here at NG...


Here you can get tips for improveing and and more downloads.

Great work!

Khao responds:

I'll take a look at it! Thanks for the invite!


This is pretty good...ever think of joining the Audio Joint club in the NG BBS? Im always accepting members.

DJRunaway responds:

Audio joint club? Is there really such a club? E-mail me some details...No wait, I'll e-mail you :P! :) Thanks dude :)

Pretty good...

You should mention that it is supposed to be a loop...I listened to it...thinking it was gonna change. I was sadly dissapinted when it didnt. try combining a few of your loops and makeing a entire song...

DJRunaway responds:

Well, the latest 3 things I've created, are just loops for people who want to keep there flashes as small as possible. I didn't intent to create a full song. Sorry you were dissapointed :(

Great guy

I decided to look back on my AUdio Joint forum and found that you werent helped out. This music is pretty good and I would be proud for you to be a memember of Audio Joint club. I love janitors...I wanna be one when I get older! :)

Rectal-Fissure responds:

Haha, yes, those crazy janitors, you never know what to expect of them, do you! Thanks for the review, I'll be checking out the Audio Joint soon.


The drums need a lot of help, help that a machine cant give you. If you need need help jusdt ask in the Audio Joint forum, but other wise the guitar(which I suppose you played yourself) was pretty damn good...

amaterasu responds:

yea, i realize the drums were horrible, i used a keyboard. the lead guitars were me and the backup that play during the verse are my friend

Hey...review my music will ya?

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