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This wasnt all that bad.

Its not that the music was bad, cause it was made well. It was the fact that this sounded like most other techno songs, the riffs were slightly different, different notes, but the style was the same. But this was pretty good, congrats dude on this tune.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

dude i really think i kept my style on this one, this sounds borderline mainstream to me, not mainstream. I mean for real this was one of my best produced and most complex songs. Noone seems to care when B0UNC3 submits his stuff that IS mainstream lol, is it because you expected my normal style and this was different? because i dont understand the lowered vote on it. thanks for the 10 on effort, cuz there was alot of effort put in this (even though it was done in 1 day)

Sounds great.

This is another great peice, besides one vocal problem. Im not sure what you are doing with the voices, if there are two or one altered, but at some points they dont blend harmonically. I dont know if you wanted it this way, but there are some pitch changes in words that I noticed. this doesnt change it dramatically, so it sounds good still.

Denvish responds:

This was the second recording I made of this song, and I actually prefer the first version I recorded. I think there are actually three or four vocal layers, so I probably goofed up somewhere along the way

Sounds familliar, in a good way.

I cant really put my finger on it, but your voice sounds like someone I have heard from pro albums. Your music fits your lyrics very well, but they seem to drown it out at times. Turn one of them up or down to make it perfect. Besides that, really good.

Denvish responds:

These are old songs, recorded 5+ years ago. My mixing skills have improved since then. Also, it's really hard to judge whether the volume of your own vocals is right... I'm quite self-conscious about my voice, so I tend to err on the side of caution and knock them down. Thanks for the 'pro' compliment though!

Nice little loop...

I have to say, its an interesting loop. Good drum beat and everything. The only problem is, your bass is too low, and when your repeat, the bass needs to get stronger, not weaker.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

not really it kinda sucks ass, it was posted for the hell of it, like a failed experiment.


This style is so new to me! Where have a been? This is awesome. Join my club in the NG BBS if you like...its for audio artists and I really like you music. Its Audio Joint... Im gonna have to find more grindcore haha.

CasketGrind responds:

well this is grindcore. it pretty much derived from punk...repeatitive riffs and what not. tho it has nothing to do with punk now. but yeah its nice cool music. im new to newgrounds how do i join the NG BBS club?

very nice...

Its nice, steady, and clear...but I wanted some change...maybe some lyrics.

Dementhysis responds:

And you'll get some change, as soon as I decide to change my style.


This was not bad...but lacked in a melody. Go to the Audio Joint forum in the NG BBS and ask for tips there...I personally can give you tips and there are other well established audio artists that can help.

Pavo-Miskic responds:

Ya i know, I use the demo of Reason to make my songs so i have to make them all in 20min or the program will shutdown & i'll never be able to release a song. Still thanks alot man ^_^

...kick ass!

Dude I would be honored if you joined us in the Audio Joint forum here at NG...


Here you can get tips for improveing and and more downloads.

Great work!

Khao responds:

I'll take a look at it! Thanks for the invite!


This is pretty good...ever think of joining the Audio Joint club in the NG BBS? Im always accepting members.

DJRunaway responds:

Audio joint club? Is there really such a club? E-mail me some details...No wait, I'll e-mail you :P! :) Thanks dude :)

Pretty good...

You should mention that it is supposed to be a loop...I listened to it...thinking it was gonna change. I was sadly dissapinted when it didnt. try combining a few of your loops and makeing a entire song...

DJRunaway responds:

Well, the latest 3 things I've created, are just loops for people who want to keep there flashes as small as possible. I didn't intent to create a full song. Sorry you were dissapointed :(

Hey...review my music will ya?

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